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Thursday, August 25, 2016
21 Av 5776.
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For all enquiries please email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Our postal address and statutory information can be found here.

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Membership Categories and Fees 2015/16

Annual Membership Fees:

a) Individual member (adult aged 21 or over):

Standard Rate


Higher Rate


The Standard Rate assumes that the member pays basic rate tax, on which the Syanagogue is able to claim GiftAid. The Higher Rate is for those members paying higher rate tax, who will be able to claim additional tax relief. For more information on Gift Aid tax relief, please see below.

Age-related discounts (age at date of joining / renewal) are available to members who are eligible and may benefit from them. However, we do ask those whose circumstances allow to forgo these, thus releasing further funds for the Synagogue:

25% for members aged between 65 and 70;  50% aged 70 and over or under 30.

b) Child Member

Individual membership includes all eligible children up to the age of 21. Please note that at least one parent of children attending the Cheder must be a member.

c) Student member (aged 18 or over in full-time education): £20


JJBS Levy:

All members aged 21 and over must also pay a mandatory levy of £47.00 per year for membership of the Jewish Joint Burial Society scheme. More information on the benefits of this scheme will be provided on joining.

Board of Deputies Levy:

A voluntary levy to support the activities of the Board of Deputies (£25 is suggested).

Friend of Beth Shalom

Non-Jews who are partners or parents of members, or wish to support or show their affiliation to Reform Judaism or Beth Shalom, may become a Friend of Beth Shalom. The cost is 25% of the fee for an individual adult member. Partners of members may also subscribe to the JJBS burial scheme on payment of the levy (above). More information can be found here and other relevant documents are available below:

JJBS Information regarding burial of Non-Jewish partners
Friend of Beth Shalom Application Form
JJBS Confirmation of arrangements for burial


Payment of subscriptions

The subscription year runs from 1st September and the membership fee is reduced pro rata for members joining during the year. However, the JJBS levy must be paid in full.

Children reaching their 21st birthday during the subscription year who wish to continue as members will be required to join as Individual or Student members (the fee will be reduced pro-rata for the remainder of the subscription year but the JJBS levy must be paid in full).

The membership subscription can be paid by cheque or by internet or BACS transfer, however payment by single or monthly Direct Debit is preferred.

Beth Shalom does not wish to deny membership to those unable to afford the full subscription. In case of hardship, please contact the membership secretary.


About Gift Aid - a gift from the government to reduce your subscription and provide us with additional funds

Gift Aid is vital to us and costs you nothing.

As a registered charity, Beth Shalom can reclaim the basic rate tax you paid on the money you use to pay your subscription or make a donation. This means that, if you are a UK taxpayer, your subscription or donation is worth an extra 25% to the synagogue and we are therefore able to keep the membership fees lower than they would otherwise be.

In addition to the tax that the synagogue can reclaim, higher rate (40%) taxpayers are also able to claim tax relief on charitable donations made via Gift Aid (including Beth Shalom subscriptions). Therefore, we ask all higher rate taxpayers to pay a higher subscription, which is carefully calculated to ensure that the net cost to the taxpayer (provided that they claim the additional relief) is the same as a basic rate taxpayer.The amount of additional relief  available on a higher rate subscription of £438.39 is £109.60 - thus your net payment is £328.79, the same as the Standard Rate subscription, 

All you need to do is to make a claim in your annual tax return for Gift Aid payments. Further information can be found in HMRC help sheet IR342 and, to assist you, the Beth Shalom fees on which relief should be claimed will be shown on your invoice.

In doing this, you will have provided additional income for Beth Shalom at no additional cost to you. This will support, among other things, those members unable to afford the full subscription rate. It also accords with the principle of fairness to which the Beth Shalom Council is absolutely committed as well as following the practice of most Reform Synagogues throughout the UK.

If you pay additional rate tax (45% this year), the relief available will be be £137.00. In this case, your subscription less the tax refund you will receive will actually be less than the Standard Rate subscription. We suggest that you may like to donate the difference (£27.40) to the synagogue when you pay your membership fees.

Please note:

1. Gift Aid only applies to the Membership Fees, any Donation and the Board of Deputies Levy. It is currently not available to reduce the JJBS levy.

2. The person signing the form must be the person paying the fees or making the donation and must be a UK taxpayer, paying Income and/or Capital Gains Tax on an amount at least equal to the membership fees and donations.

3. Although a family subscription is eligible for Gift Aid relief, subscription payments made on behalf of someone else are not. Therefore, for the purposes of Beth Shalom membership, you can only sign the Gift Aid declaration for subscriptions paid for yourself, your spouse or partner and your children who are either under 21 or full time students.

If you have any questions on Gift Aid please contact the Treasurer via  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .


You must complete a Gift Aid declaration

To allow any of this to happen,a Gift Aid declaration must be completed. You can complete an online form or download a pdf version to print.

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