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Thursday, August 25, 2016
21 Av 5776.
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Jewish Cambridge

Cambridge is a  city with an abundant social, cultural and academic life in which the small but vibrant Jewish community plays a major  part, and our region is also one of the fastest growing in the UK, in terms of both population and economy.

Driven in part by the high technology industries in the area, and their strong academic links, the population of Cambridge City and Cambridgeshire is projected to grow by 28,600 and 173,500 respectively in the period 2007-2031.

In 2011, the UK census recorded 1,652 people in Cambridgeshire who indicated that they were Jewish, of whom 870 live in Cambridge itself, 362 live in South Cambridge District, and the remainder in in East Cambridgeshire (122), Fenland (108) and Huntingdon (190) districts.

The establishment of our Synagogue building close to the centre of Cambridge in 2015, will significantly assist us in encouraging new members and providing for the anticipated population growth. This is likely to lead to a steady increase in our membership, with the potential to bring another 100 to 150 adults and their children into the community over the next decade.

The city is also home to the University of Cambridge, one of the leading universities in the world. In addition to the student body, there is a large teaching and research staff, made up of academics, both permanently resident in Cambridge and visiting from around the world.

A significant number of the staff and students in both universities are Jewish, and it is a privilege and a pleasure for Beth Shalom to welcome them, as members and as visitors, to our services and other activities, providing a religious and cultural ‘home from home’. We also hope that those academics and students who decide to stay in Cambridge after finishing their studies will become permanent and active members of Beth Shalom, and potential leaders of our congregation and the wider Jewish community. 


 For Students

181110.jpgCambridge, of course, plays host to a large number of students and not just in term time, as there are many postgraduate and research students resident throughout the year. At a time when they are away from home and family, students are particularly welcome at Beth Shalom, both at services and other events. We also host a special Student Service once a year, conducted entirely by students.

There are a number of groups in Cambridge catering specifically to Jewish students:

Cambridge University Jewish Society

Cambridge University Chabad Jewish Society



Cambridge Jewish Community Support is a welfare support group available to help individuals in the wider Jewish Community in the Cambridge area, regardless of synagogue affiliation. Invalids, the elderly, the recently bereaved and others needing assistance are given help and support by friendly volunteers acting on an informal basis. 

If you require support or assistance to cope with personal difficulties or are willing to volunteer to help others, please contact CJCS via This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . 


Social & Cultural

The Cambridge Jewish calendar is increasingly full, with events organised by our own Cultural & Social Committee and by a number of different organizations.

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